uhhuh Lovely Super Idol!
We Aren't The Prey...
We are the HUNTERS!

Hi I'm Kei and I'm a producer-chan/idol. My life is run by idols. Check the links for more info!


J: you put the thing that kills between your teeth but you don’t give it the power to kill you

E: It’s fucking lit, you’re metaphor doesn’t work there when you’re literally smoking it you pretentious fuck


is dat some sort of maymay
and no animu 4 u

go 2 bed u weebie

Who the fuck said a nerd could boss me around. 

I do what I want and answer to no one. NO ONE. 

something ive always wanted to know is why you're such a fucking dweeb

Wow get your hate mail out of my ask box and go do your homework like the nerd you are. 

I’m too rad for this. 

Shimonon counting sheep in my ear


らくがきおひめちん // 綾杉つばき
※Permission was granted by the artist to upload this work.
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